mobile knife sharpening, chef’s tools & cutlery sales
Rolling Sharpening Stone offers franchise opportunities all over the United States
Owning your own business takes a lot of your time... but the rewards and everything else are yours. Kent Palmerton
Rolling Sharpening Stone franchisee

Rolling Sharpening Stone

Our franchisees service restaurants and commercial kitchens by providing convenient shopping and sharpening right on the customer’s premises.

Our products are competitively priced and our sharpening is always the highest professional quality.

We also offer kitchen equipment, chef tools, smallwares, cutlery, uniforms and the kind of cooking supplies that chefs love.

In addition, we represent a fantastic franchise opportunity for those who want to own a business that will always be in demand.

Our mobile showroom/sharpening service vehicles give chefs a welcome opportunity to shop onsite while their knives are being sharpened.

What a great new business idea!